Human Resources

More HR Form Hacks

In yesterday’s Advisor, guest columnist Miranda Nicholson, talent department manager for Formstack, shared the first three of her seven “hacks” for HR forms. Today, Nicholson provides her final four hacks to help you manage workflow and save time.

#4: PTO Requests

Is your company still using the old paper-slip-and-tray method for requesting paid time off (PTO)? Or worse, maybe employees are still sending an e-mail to HR with their requested dates. Just say no to unnecessary e-mails and, instead, create an online form that employees can access and use to request vacation days and time off. With some online form builders, you can even set certain users as approvers, so managers can approve the days without HR having to chase them down for a signature.

#5: Job Applications

Using an online form builder to build job applications makes keeping track of candidate information and documents easy. Instead of sifting through e-mail attachments for résumés, cover letters, writing samples, and other materials, an online form will keep all of those documents in one place.

An online form database allows HR professionals to easily review candidates’ information, access their contact information, and share their materials with other employees involved in the hiring process with a simple URL.

#6: Expense Reports

Another document-heavy process that HR professionals are typically responsible for is expense reports. When you have employees without their own company credit cards attending conferences or purchasing supplies, the process of getting their expenses reimbursed can be painful. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

Instead of having your employees create and print out a spreadsheet with all their receipts stapled to it, use an online form to have them enter their reimbursable expenses into separate fields based on the category. An online form makes approving expenses easy and sharing them with the accounting department fast, easy, and efficient.

#7: Event/Benefits Sign-Ups

Many times, HR professionals are also the culture champions at their offices, spending lots of time organizing and executing social events and professional development workshops. Use online forms to streamline the sign-up process for these types of events that require enough paperwork as it is. Don’t circulate a sign-up sheet around desks—online forms are much more efficient and will allow your HR team to track participation in real time.

If you’re an HR professional feeling bogged down by an inefficient workflow or outdated systems, use these online form hacks to help you streamline your responsibilities. They will save you and your fellow team members time and headaches when it comes to making the most out of your workday.