Human Resources

More Advantages of a Company Intranet

By Christopher Pyle

In yesterday’s Advisor, Chris Pyle, president and CEO of Champion Solutions Group, discussed the advantages of a company Intranet. Today, Pyle elaborates on a few more advantages of implementing one of these systems.

Upcoming Events

Many companies would like to share, in a common place, upcoming company and marketing events. The ability to share marketing and corporate event calendars is a must.

Marketing might get frustrated that it shares events on its departmental website(s), but no one is going there to see what is coming up. The same goes for Marketing’s corporate communication and human resources counterparts. To have one place for upcoming company events is key.


An overall theme throughout our discussions with customers is that they wanted their companywide Intranet to be social, meaning they wanted the ability to like, follow, share, and give “shout outs” and recognitions to, and with, their peers. They want the ability to know whose birthday it is, whose work anniversaries are coming up, and to recognize a job well done.

Department Requests and Workflows

Having a self-service Intranet is very important. With employees residing in different locations (e.g., mobile workers, branch offices) and working in various departments, having a departmental workflow will greatly improve your teams’ productivity.

Provide your team with a way to request something from a department by category, and have the requests routed to the appropriate department. The user who brought up the request should be updated throughout the process. Department managers should be able to see “open,” “in progress,” and “close” requests by category and employee. Having a departmental workflow request will also drive the adoption of your Intranet site.

Let’s face it, we work on many devices, not just our desktops. Therefore, your Intranet site should be fully device-responsive so you can stay productive on the go!