Human Resources

Creating Productivity via Company Intranet

By Christopher Pyle

Collaboration and productivity are increased with good communication, and such communication can be improved through the use of a companywide Intranet. Chris Pyle, president and CEO of Champion Solutions Group, discusses the advantages of such a system in today’s Advisor.

In the business world, companies are always looking for ways to boost productivity. Business owners, executives, departmental managers, etc., all want to get the most from their employees. But how can you do this without compromising employee morale, or even better yet, could you do this while also actually making them happier?

When you think of a happy work environment, it’s about being collaborative, sharing ideas, having the same goals, giving employee recognition, and having overall clarity of purpose. A great way to accomplish this and be more productive is by having a company Intranet. Providing your staff with an Intranet portal to access important company information can be an effective and inexpensive way to make a big impact in the way your employees work. But it can’t be just any Intranet.

The Intranet platform should allow companies to think with one mind and speak with one voice regarding corporate and departmental goals, marketing, and social messaging. All of these capabilities drive results and employee satisfaction. Here is the first of four of the top features of a company Intranet that will help employees be more productive:

Employee and Skill Search Directory

Whether you are part of a large or mid-sized organization, it can be time consuming to search for the right person in a department or in other locations of your business. Or, perhaps you are trying locate a person by a certain skill set.

Either way, your Intranet portal should have the ability to find an employee by name, location, department, as well as the capability to locate a person with a specific skill-set quickly. After employees locate that person, they should be able to instant message, call, and e-mail them from the portal.

In tomorrow’s Advisor, Pyle presents more advantages of a company Intranet.