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Convenient Courses via Remote Access

Yesterday’s Advisor began an article by David Gingell, chief marketing officer at TeamViewer, on how technology is reshaping the training world. Today we present the rest of Gingell’s article, including the advantages of remote-access software.

The Dual Benefit of Remote-Access Software

Remote access is exactly what its name implies—the ability to access a computer or a network from a remote distance. For businesses in particular, remote-access software allows employees to access the corporate network from any computer or device.

For those undergoing training, this software offers them the ability to complete courses at their convenience. And, if important documents are stored on their work computer, but they want to complete a course at home and need those documents to do so, they can remote into their work computer to pull that information.

If the software includes a mobile app, employees have these same capabilities while they are traveling for business or commuting for long periods of time, which ultimately boosts productivity.

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Another important benefit of remote-access software can be realized by the IT team. Remote access allows the IT team to access any employee’s computer regardless of whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road.

With this off-site support capability, the IT team’s job is a bit easier. IT professionals can troubleshoot any issues regarding an individual’s access to a learning session and can even directly install training software without being in the same location as the employee they are assisting.

The best remote-access software also provides high security for users, giving the IT team and employees peace of mind. There are a number of different security standards that should be in place, including client-to-client encryption. This means that the data are encrypted before they are transmitted to the server, keeping information secure. Having different security measures in place will help to protect all business information.

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The Power of Centralized Learning

It is often said that the people are companies’ biggest assets. With e-learning, businesses are able to invest in their employees by offering an opportunity for professional development and training far beyond traditional learning environments and constraints.

With videoconferencing capabilities and remote-access tools like those offered by TeamViewer, employees are able to immerse themselves in a course at their convenience and easily collaborate with one another, irrespective of their geographical locations. And, the IT team is better equipped to support the initiative without worrying about security. The result is a workforce of empowered professionals and an overall stronger business.