Teach Your New Supervisors How to Train Effectively

Training employees is a big part of any supervisor’s job. Whether it’s formal classroom training, safety meetings, on-the-job training, or coaching, teaching employees how to do their jobs properly is an important part of your supervisory responsibility.

Training improves worker performance and productivity. Formal and informal training should build skills and competence as well as help employees understand:

  • Their responsibilities and functions
  • Tasks and teamwork
  • Equipment and technology
  • Policies and procedures
  • Standards of quality, behavior, and so on
  • How to work safely
  • The legal and regulatory requirements that apply to their jobs

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To make your training sessions effective:

  • Assess employee training needs and match needs to training objectives.
  • Set up a practical training schedule that allows for full employee participation.
  • Choose appropriate training methods, such as classroom training, including discussions, lectures, storytelling, and video; PowerPoint® presentations; other computer-based training, including DVD and online; demonstrations; and hands-on practice.
  • Specify training objectives so that employees know what they’re supposed to learn.
  • Write a well-organized training outline that presents subject matter in a logical order and emphasizes the most important points.

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  • Incorporate interactive methods into training, such as asking questions or solving problems.
  • Provide helpful handouts that highlight training points.
  • Plan for questions and answers during and at the end of the training session.
  • Evaluate learning with a quiz or practical performance test.

The information in today’s Advisor comes from BLR®’s presentation “New Supervisors’ Guide to Effective Supervision.”